Fields of work

We have learned to adapt to the needs of our clients in the most diverse fields, always trying to bring new solutions to the table without ever holding back.

From labels to hangtags, braids, ribbons and fabrics. Fashion accessories are our strength!


Waterproof labels or heavy customized ribbons? Find out more about our technical solutions for sport

Tongues, uppers, laces and straps in all the colors and the customization you want!


Are you looking for waterproof or high visibility solutions? We have personalized solutions to your needs.


From sofas to mattresses we already have all the right accessories to complete your products.


For years we have been working with certificated yarns recycled from plastic bottles!


Do you have a particular project in mind?

Let us know what you have in mind! We are always looking for new stimuli and we always use all our experience and knowledge to develop the most particular and complex ideas.